Enhanced Select mdx Patient Report

October 1, 2023

At mdxhealth, we are committed to providing the most accurate and comprehensive patient reports for our cutting-edge prostate cancer diagnostic tests. We are excited to unveil our enhanced Select mdx Patient Report which reflects our new branding and expanded results. The updated reports provide more clarity and precision to help guide decision making.

Select mdx Patient Report Enhancements

  • Updated branding and layout
  • Clear, binary results of Low Risk or Elevated Risk with individualized positive predictive values on each report
  • Updated test description and disclaimer

The Select mdx test has not changed – only the patient report format.

Updated Low Risk Patient Report

  1. Updated logo
  2. Same fields, new format
  3. Now reported as “Low Risk” highlighted in a green bar
  4. Individualized positive predictive values included on Low Risk reports
  5. Updated verbiage in Test Description and Disclaimer sections

Updated Elevated Patient Report


  1. Updated logo 
  2. Same fields, new format 
  3. Clear test results 
  4. Individualized positive predictive value dials replaced with text 
  5. Updated verbiage in Test Description and Disclaimer sections 

Questions about the new Select mdx patient reports? Contact Client Services at 866.259.5644 or cs@mdxhealth.com.